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HA-1 Compression


Product Description

The HA-1 Compression with G-Fit technology delivers vertical gradual compression from the ankle through the calf muscle. This improves circulation to encourage blood and oxygen flow to the muscles. The G-Fit Tech also aids with flushing out bi-products (lactic acid), reducing muscle vibration and fatigue, which improves muscle endurance and recovery.

The HA-1 Compression with built in a-Fit technology provides anatomically correct support and fit for the left and right foot. The HA-1 Compression’s functional support and unique knitting technology stabilizes the heel in a neutral position, and lifts up the arch of the foot to prevent it from leaning inward. This will minimize the stress from repetitive impact on the foot to reduce plantar fasciitis.


  • a-Fit
    Anatomically correct support for right or left body part
  • Arch Support
    Knit construction ensures functional support for plantar fasciitis
  • G-Fit
    Gradient compression construction improves blood flow, increases oxygenation and enhances performance
  • Heel Lock Tech
    Ensures proper fit and enhanced heel stabilization

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