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3 Pack Bottle Blaster

sku# 33207140200000

Product Description

Product Description

A Bottle Blasters cap allows you to use an everyday bottle of water to conserve / increase the flow of water, creating a shower stream effect. 

90% of bottled water has one of two cap sizes. Our two sided Bottle Blasters cap fits both. People use water bottles every day to hydrate, refresh, cleanse, wash up, first aide, hunting, fishing, and camping.

Our patented cap has simply made it easier, smarter, and more conservative.

    Bottle Blasters was created to be an on the go source of hydration. Perfect for kids and sports.
    No more need for a pitcher of water, give your plants a fresh spritz with our cap!
    The built in lobster clip fastens on to keys, belt loop... or just put it in your pocket!
  • RINSE.
    Blood and dirt can be hard to remove, but the shower stream allows a no-fuss way of ridding yourself of it.
  • Turn your everyday water bottle into a squirt water bottle.

Features & Specs


  • BEACH, Take it with you to the beach to clean sandy feet, help get into your wakeboard/ski boots, or rinse down your surf board.
  • WASH, Pack it for your weekly baseball, soccer, or football game to be sure you stay cool between matches.
  • REFRESH, You don't have to pour out the entire water bottle anymore just to cool off during your run! Our conservation technology helps conserve on the go.
  • FIRST AID, Emergencies can come out of nowhere when you're hunting and camping outdoors. Bottle Blasters can be there in a pinch!
  • Perfect to help you cool off during the game.


  • 3 Pack, Weight: 1.6 ounces
  • CONVENIENCE: Built in keychain for your convenience to use as a keychain, attach on school bags, hiking backpack, diaper bag or travel bag. Made in U.S.A.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Two-sided water bottle cap with two different thread patterns for 98% of the most popular water bottle brands such as Dasani, Smart Water, Fiji, Nestle etc.

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