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Camp SI Mat

$69.95 - $79.95

Product Description

Product Description

This is a great option for the customer wanting a self-inflating mat at more affordable price point.

The Camp Mat is a 1.5” thickness foam mattress that utilizes our Delta Core-V™ vertical coring to remove unnecessary weight and minimize packed size.

A 75-Denier polyester top and bottom fabric offers excellent wear and durability.

With an R 4 insulation rating this mat series offers 3-season warmth and comfort.

Features & Specs


  • Utilizes Delta Core™ technology, which keeps body contact areas warmer while still offering great support and packability
  • Multi-function, patent-pending multi function valve twists over to allow the mat to be rolled tightly without fighting re-inflation as you go
  • At 1.5 inches thick and an equivalent R-Value of 4, the Camp Mat delivers a great weight to warmth ratio for minimalist hikers
  • Air Sprung Cells  Small point-weld divided air chambers which individually absorb pressure and conform to the contours and movement of your body without affecting adjacent cells. The result is a mattress that supports you better than one with ‘tubes’ or ‘baffles’.
  • Liquid-Extruded TPU Lamination Process  An advanced lamination process which ensures an even and durable bond of the TPU (material which makes up the air bladder) to the face fabric. This process is superior to typical ‘roll-to-roll’ lamination and virtually eliminates the risk of delamination.


  • Size Variation Regular
  • Length 72 in/183 in
  • Width 20 in/51 in
  • Height/Depth 1.5 in/4 cm
  • Weight 1 lb 12 oz/780g
  • R Value 4
  • Color green
  • Size Variation Large
  • Length 78 in/198 in
  • Width 25 in/64 in
  • Height/Depth 1.5 in/4 cm
  • Weight 2 lb 4 oz/1020g
  • R Value 4
  • Color green