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KT Tape


Product Description

Product Description

KT (Kinesiology Therapeutic) Tape is a strong, 100% natural cotton fiber, elastic athletic tape.

Perfect for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone with sore muscles.

KT Tapeā„¢ provides muscle pain relief, increased mobility, and enhanced recovery.

Can be worn for up to 4 days per application.

Features & Specs


    Need support that will endure multiple lighter workouts? Then original KT TAPE is for you. It provides targeted pain relief and will stay in place through multiple workouts for up to 3 days, through daily showers, humidity, cold, even in the pool.
  • STRONGER ADHESIVE KT TAPE is engineered to perform in the harshest environments, to last for up to three days, through multiple runs, daily showers, in humidity, cold or in the pool. 
  • SUPPORTS LIKE A BRACE, KT TAPE elastic core delivers strong support for muscles, joints and tendons without restricting comfort and range of motion.
  • LONGER LASTING, KT TAPE's cotton fibers are weaved together in a mesh design that moves comfortably with the body. The mesh design is breathable and releases moisture which is critical to long lasting comfort and wear-ability.



  • PRE CUT "I" STRIPS, KT TAPE is precut and ready to apply right out of the box. Precut strips have rounded corners which help to prevent the corners from snagging on things or edges fraying. Each roll contains 20 10-inch ā€œIā€ strips. That's 16.6 feet for tape, all 2 inches wide for your mathletes out there.
    KT TAPE uses an acrylic based medical grade adhesive that is gentle on skin. That means you can scratch your itch to exercise without having to scratch the itch that often comes with braces and traditional athletic tape.
  • Each box comes with 20 precut strips of tape on a roll and a quick start guide with step-by-step instructions for the most common injuries.
  • Original KT TAPE features a patented Secondskin Adhesive that will go as long as you do, and-no offense-probably longer.

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