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New York Style Cheesecake Bites

sku# 34141206800000

Product Description

Product Description

Yes, this is actual New York Style cheesecake that you can enjoy right out of the pouch! 

  • Made with rich cream cheese, brown sugar, notes of citrus, and a graham crust, each bite-sized cube will lure you back for more.
  • The best part is that they are ready to eat NOW, no need to refrigerate.
  • How? Because like dozens of other foods that Mountain House makes, these are freeze dried!
  • This amazing process allows you to easily pack it in for wilderness adventures, wrap it up as a gift, hand it off as a reward, or even take them to the moon.

We trace our roots to meals we made for US Special Forces nearly 50 years ago. From the bottom of the ocean to the peak of Everest, we’ve fueled expeditions in every climate and situation.

Add in our Taste Guarantee, and you can trust Mountain House to taste delicious. No matter what.

Features & Specs


  • They're freeze dried, Cheesecake Bites don't have to be refrigerated!
  • Plus, you won't ever have to worry about melted cheesecake ruining your backpack, as our freeze dried Cheesecake Bites are resilient to melting.
  • It's not sorcery, but it's close - try Mountain House's Cheesecake Bites and experience this decadent dessert for yourself!
  • Bring it on the trail, wrap it up as a gift, or stash it in your desk drawer at the office - no matter where you go, you can indulge in your favorite dessert anytime, anywhere.