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Product Description

Product Description

Own excellent value & superior accuracy with the Silva Polaris.

  • Large numerals at every 20° mark and a clear base plate with inch and millimeter markings and a 1:24,000 scale make it easy to read a map, set bearings and plan a trip with the Silva Polaris.

  • 2° dial graduations.
  • Declination scale for quick adjustments of map bearings to field headings.

Features & Specs


  • 2" X 4"
  • 1.0 oz.
  • 2° dial graduations
  • Declination scale for quick adjustments of map bearings to field headings
  • Inch & millimeter rulers
  • 1:24,000 map scale


  • The Silva System: Easy as 1-2-3
  • system 1system 1
    Place your compass on the area map with the Base Plate edge connecting where you are with where you want to go.
  • system 2system 2
    Set the compass heading by turning the compass Dial until the “N” aligns with Magnetic North (MN) on the map.
  • system 3system 3
    Remove the compass from the map and hold it level in front of you with the Direction of Travel Arrow pointing straight ahead. Turn your body until the red end of the Needle is directly over the Orienting Arrow, pointing to the “N” on the dial. The Direction of Travel Arrow now points precisely to your destination. Look up, sight on a landmark and walk to it. Repeat this procedure until you reach your destination.