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Sherpa 50 Power Pack

sku# 28165070200000

Product Description

Product Description

Fully charged, the Sherpa 50 can double the battery life of a laptop or tablet, and can extend the battery life of an e-reader by 5 times and a smartphone by 7 times

Simply charge the power pack up from a wall, solar panel (sold separately), computer or car adapter and bring it along anywhere you go that lacks a power source

Output ports include USB, 12-volt auto and 12-volt sidecar; optional AC inverter sold separately

LCD status monitor tracks remaining power level in 20% increments; integrated charge controller helps protect the internal battery and connected devices from electrical spikes

The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 power pack stores 50 watt-hours of power; it will hold a full charge for up to 8 months

Features & Specs


  • A lightweight power supply to keep laptops and tablets charged up anywhere you go.
  • The Sherpa 50 Recharger is easy to pack and light to carry so your gear now goes the same distance you do and quickly recharges from wall, car or sun.
  • Charge Times
    Wall Charger (30W): 3 hours
    Car Charger (30W): 3 hours
    Nomad 13 Solar Panel: 8-16 Hours
    Nomad 20 Solar Panel: 6-12 Hours
  • Battery Details: Cell Type: Li-NMC
    Peak Capacity: 58Wh (11V, 5200mAh)
    Lifecycles: hundreds of cycles
    Shelf-life: Keep plugged in, or charge every 3-6 months
    Fuses: 15A, user replaceable fuse
    Management system: Charging and low-battery protection built-in
  • Light: LED (output): 100mW, white LED
  • Ports: USB port (output): 5V, up to 1.5A  (7.5W max), regulated
    -6mm port (output, 6mm, green, hexagon):  12V, up to 8A (100W max), regulated
    -laptop port (output, 7.4mm, orange,  square): 19V, up to 5A (100W max),  regulated
    -sidecar port (chain, 9mm): 9-13V, up to  10A (100W max)
    -AC inverter US (output, sold separately):  110V, up to 0.7A (75W max), 60Hz,  modified sine wave
    -AC inverter Int. (output, sold separately):  220V, up to 0.35A (75W max), 50Hz,  modified sine wave
    -charging port (input, 8mm, blue circle): 14-  25V, up to 2A (30W max)


  • Battery Capacity: 58Wh, 5200mAh (11V)
  • Power Output: USB, 12V, AC*
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs (544 g)
  • Recharge by: AC, 12V, Solar
  • Ideal for: Tablet, Laptop**, Camera
    *Inverter required for AC output (sold separately)
    **Sherpa 50 will not power a MacBook Pro - use the Sherpa 100 instead

Product Video