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Travelline 49 ft.


Product Description

Product Description

Perfect as a fitness tool or for the slackliner on the go.

The TRAVELLINE is made of thinner webbing for a lighter, more compact kit and a "stretchier" feel.

It's ideal for static poses, yoga and staying fit.

  • Two part set for fast assembly and disassembly.
  • 12,5m / 41ft slackline with stitched loop, 2,5m / 8ft ratchet band with stitched loop, ratchet with safety lock, ratchet cover, 49 feet long total.

Features & Specs


  • 12,5 m / 41 ft slackline with stitched loop
  • 2,5 m / 8 ft ratchet band with stitched loop
    strength 20 kN
  • ratchet with safety lock
  • ratchet cover
  • The Gibbon Travelline is a lightweight 2"slackline that is easy to take anywhere.
  • It's thin webbing offers a softer feel and is great for static poses, line tricks or transitioning to 1" lines.
  • The Travelline is 49 feet long and TÜV certified.


  • The Gibbon Travelline is a light and compact slackline that will fit in any backpack.
  • The travelline is therefore the ideal slackline for those less serious expeditions.
  • Furthermore the ultra-cool brown and yellow colourway should mean that you fall in love with this slackline even if your balance is rubbish. 

Product Video