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Ultra 30 3oz.


sku# 32161112600000

Product Description

Product Description

This Liposome-based repellent is the newest advancement in controlled release insect repellent technology.

Similar to the earlier generation of polymer-based controlled release systems, the Liposome envelops the active ingredient, DEET, and slowly time-releases it as needed, thereby extending the effectiveness of the repellent.

.Unlike polymers, however, liposomes are a natural compound which is more comfortable to the skin and easier to wear. Comfortable, trusted protection, in the backcountry or in the backyard.

  • The Liposome base enables the 30% DEET lotion to be non-greasy, with little to no odor.
  • Ultra 30™ is also non-staining, resists perspiration, and is effective for up to 11 hours.
  • The 3 oz size is airline approved, perfect for international travel.
  • Always use as directed

Features & Specs


  • Protection for the entire day with one application.
  • These products were designed to fly with you wherever you go by meeting airline specifications; Pop these in your carry-on and fly safe.  Each of these products are offered in a size that meet TSA regulation.
  • These lotion formulas utilize a time-release formula. These insect repellent lotions are very comfortable and long lasting.  Our most popular lotions we’ve ever sold.
    A nuisance no more.
  • These products are highly effective at repelling flies.
  • More protection for your money. Lotions are easier to apply evenly over the skin and more comfortable to wear.
  • Just because you have repellent on doesn’t mean you have to smell like it.  Sawyer offers both low odor and odorless options.
  • The most common reason people reach for insect repellent, these formulas are effective against the annoying and disease carrying mosquito.


  • Active Ingredient: Deet (30%)
  • Effectiveness duration: Up to 11 Hours
  • Best Uses: Multisport
  • Available Size: 3 oz.

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